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Moorland Holistic

Complementary Therapy Centre in Saddleworth

Mobile massage and reflexology at your home or visit my treatment room in Greenfield Saddleworth Oldham


Q. How long does a consultation take?

A. The first treatment the consultation takes around 5 minutes. Following treatments takes only a couple of minutes recapping and reviewing treatment progress.

Q. What do I wear during the treatment?

A. During the treatment clients usually just keep their underwear on and remove any other clothing. Clients are covered with a towel and only one area at a time (the area being worked on) is exposed.

Q. Are both men and women welcome?

A. Certainly. Approximately half my clients are men and half are women.

Q. How will I feel after my treatment?

A. Expect to feel very relaxed. My advice to clients is take an hour or more to prolong and enjoy the relaxing effects of your treatment.